Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, who joined the company after the sale to Microsoft (Elop CEO of Nokia was one of the deputies Microsoft) has recently left the company.

Meanwhile, Microsoft announced that revenue from Windows products dipped 22 percent this season faced due to the discontinuation of support for Windows XP, but the revenue from the Surface by 117 percent to 888 million dollars substantial part of it is for sale Srfysprv 3 and Surface 3. Xbox sales by 30 percent to 1.4 million units this season. Microsoft also announced that Office 365 subscribers of the company to 15 million, 3 million more than last season. This profit margin of 17 percent to 26 percent has increased. Now all eyes are on Microsoft Windows 10 will be introduced next week. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella week and in recent months to improve conditions in the company has done extensive changes. Terry Myerson, director of Windows the company has recently been appointed Unable to connect to Nvidia problem as general manager of Microsoft’s business units. Panos Panay also announced today that the Director of Surface broader powers for the engineering of Microsoft products (such as Surface, mobile phone, HoloLens, Xbox and Microsoft paragraph) is available. Source: